100% Natural skin care, Paraben free, Phthalate free, Gluten free, Cruelty free...

Eden Organyx Skincare is a growing Canadian company that makes 100% natural skin care for the whole family.
At Eden Organyx, Skincare, we think of our products as healthy food for skin; after all, skin is our biggest organ and it should be cared for the same way we treat our inner body. That’s why our ethically sourced ingredients are 100% natural; most being organic and vegan.

All our products are paraben free and phthalate free. We only use 100% natural, paraben free and phthalate free fragrance oils and pigments. In addition, the all-natural flavor oils we use in our lip balms are gluten free... As a matter of fact, all our products are gluten free. Eden Organyx Skincare has an utmost respect for Mother Nature; our products are never tested on animals and are biodegradable. Our methods are simple, Eco-friendly and sustainable.

Let Eden Organyx Skincare treat you to the goodness mother nature offers, from head to toe!

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